Playpress is a new construction toy, designed and manufactured in the UK. Made out of recycled cardboard, it is designed as an environmentally friendly, pocket-money price toy, but retaining all the fun of well-known brands like Lego.

Founding Playpress

Playpress was born of a long development process by Matthew, one of my younger brothers. He was very keen to develop a toy range that could offer the same enjoyment he had when he was younger, but be more affordable - giving children the chance to build whole cities for a small price.

I started helping Matthew refine his designs and attempt to build a market strategy. I helped find manufacturing partners, develop a cohesive illustration style, and advise on the brand direction.

The product

So far there are several sets in active production and being sold. After much experimentation, a good manufacturing partner was found and an excellent material. The toys are currently being sold in independent retailers and also on Notonthehighstreet

The future

Matthew is now taking the project forward with a close friend. I remain involved to provide advice and product design direction, and to help with the digital aspects of the project.