Front-end development

Alongside design, I have have extensive experience in front-end development. I focus mainly on creative prototyping as design, making high fidelity, data-driven prototypes for rapid testing and iteration. I code in HTML, CSS (Sass), and Javascript, including frameworks like React, React Native, Angular, JQuery and Polymer.


Most of my design time is spent prototyping. Having a usable, testable version of an idea helps me get to a better solution faster.

I write prototypes in many ways. At M&S, I used Google Polymer to create a design-driven, component led framework for creating prototypes for a system of apps (You can see the style guide itself here).

I tend to create all my prototypes in HTML and Javascript. I find the data driven flexibility extremely useful in both early and late stage product development.


Alongside prototyping, I also sometimes take my front-end work into production. At M&S, I worked with the mobile website team on a rapid project to replace the mobile site. We worked in an agile fashion, releasing early and often, adding features as soon as they were shippable.

At Circles, I led the front end work for our websites and landing pages (static sites built using Hugo as our templating engine). I also built the first versions of the interface for the app. We created the first end-to-end flow in under 4 weeks using React Native and Redux.